Second Meeting for Plastic Bag Ban

EUGENE, Ore. — Plastic bags were on the table Monday tonight for the Eugene City Council. The City Council was conducting its second discussion on a potential bag ban in Eugene.

The first work session on the ban was in February and included preliminary discussions of a bag ban and of a 5 cent fee for single use paper bags.

The city also posted a webpage on the issue and a survey, in which more than 2,000 consumers and 80 retailers responded.

Council looked at those results to help asses the community’s need for a bag ban.

“One of the interesting things we found was that a majority of the respondents on the consumer side, said that they did use reusable bags the majority of the time.” said City of Eugene Waste Prevention and Green Building Manager, Ethan Nelson.

Nelson said people were also worried if they would forget to bring in their bags.

Council talked more about including a 5 cent fee on single use paper bags. They also discussed possible impacts when examining the different types of retailers.

City staff has recommended that council present those options to the public.

A public hearing is scheduled for September 17th and there could be a vote after that.

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