Second Round of Leaf Collection Begins

EUGENE, Ore– It’s time to grab the rake and gather the lawn leafs, as the second and final round of leaf collection has begun in Eugene.

During the first round, Public Works crews collected more than 9,700 cubic yards of leaves.  Resident’s are reminded not to place leaves in bike lanes, ditches, or landscaped areas.

Also try to avoid piling them near fences or utility poles, and try to leave at least 15 feet between leaf piles and parked cars.

Here’s the second-round schedule (all dates are subject to change based primarily on weather conditions because the same crews that pick up leaves respond to winter storms):
*       West/Central Eugene – Dec. 27 to Jan. 7
*       North Eugene – Jan. 6 to Jan. 15
*       Southeast Eugene – Jan. 14 to Jan. 23
*       Southwest Eugene – Jan. 22 to Jan. 28

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