Fatal Semi Crash Closes I-5 Ramp

Semi Crash

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — The southbound I-5 exit at 6th Street in Cottage Grove along with London Road and 6th street were closed Tuesday morning following a fatal semi-truck crash.

Oregon State Police say the driver of the semi was exiting the freeway onto London Road when he lost control. The driver of the truck was found dead on the scene and police believe he may have had a passenger.

The cause of the crash is under investigation but police don’t believe weather played a role in the accident.

ODOT says drivers trying to get into Cottage Grove should take exit 174, at the north end of the city.

The exit 172 off-ramp will be closed while crews clean up debris and investigate what caused the crash.




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  1. Patty Williams says:

    We have more pics if you want them, we live in the house next to the ramp and my son called 911 at 6:20 this morning. The police asked him if he saw the driver walk away, but later told us it was a fatality.

    1. sister says:

      is there anything else you know . my brother was driver . he passed away

      1. candy says:


        1. Patty Williams says:

          Im so sorry for your loss. We can send photos of the memorial that we are putting out there, just send me your email address if you would like photos of the memorial. raidersgal13@yahoo.com. We only know what we saw and what the officers on scene told us, but we can share that with you if you want to know. my son and husband looked for the driver, before the police arrived because the log truck driver and the 911 operator said they could not locate your brother, everyone believed that he was injured and walking around. so there were lots of flashlights out there, and on our property next door to the scene. If you want to know anything else, please email me.

      2. Neighbor says:

        My condolences to you, sister, and to the rest of his family. I heard the crash while getting ready for work and went outside, but could not see anything. From looking at the pictures and the crash scene, my theory is that he was going pretty fast for an off ramp, and may have either fallen asleep, or did not realize he had left the freeway, since it was still dark out.

        1. Patty Williams says:

          I dont think he realized he was leaving the freeway, that offramp runs along the freeway until it curves. Ive almost missed it being behind a semi before, and I know where the turn is. It looks like he just went straight onto the grass and didn’t attempt the curve. There is a memorial there now.

      3. Patty Williams says:

        We are erecting a memorial today, we are the family who called 911 and watched the accident. Family members please contact me at raidersgal13@yahoo.com. We are so sorry for your loss.

    2. Kendall Wright says:

      The driver killed in this accident was a good friend of mine. The passenger that they were looking for was my son. At the last moment, he decided not to go on this run and his life was spared. If you could e-mail me any pictures, it would be helpful to have closure at this time. Thank you.

      1. Patty Williams says:

        Kendall, We sent photos to Landon. if anyone would like to email us a photo of him for the memorial, we would be happy to place it there. I will send a pic of the cross and memorial when it is done.

  2. Kimberly ARRIOLA aka red says:

    I’m really gonna miss him he was an incredible man who tried hard a beautiful Hart. I love you Jr. I’ll miss you more that words can say. you are my heart, my best friend. the babies are gonna miss you too wish you could of seen them before you passed. we love you Jr.

    1. Patty Williams says:

      Kimberly, we are so sorry for your loss. We are praying for your family. We live in the house next to the accident scene, we saw what happened and prayed for his safe recovery. Im so sorry. I can only tell you that his recovery was respectful, many many officers were at the scene for hours assisting.We are putting up a memorial and if you would like photographs of it please send your email address to raidersgal13@yahoo.com.

  3. Landon Wright says:

    Jr im sorry I wasn’t there with you that morning you asked me to go with and I couldn’t you told me the night before that I was one of three
    that was your bestfriend and yes you were my best friend santigo I miss you so much my brother my friend im sorry this is hard to do I want to not believe that this happened you will alwas alwas be my best friend my brother Iike a never had before and to the family im sorry if you need me for anything please call me LOVE SO MUCH SANTIGO AND ILL MISS YOU EVEN MORE GOD HE IN YOUR HANDS NOW TAKE CARE OF HIM LANDON

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