Senator Wyden Talks to Students About College Loan Debt

EUGENE, Ore. — University of Oregon students got to talk about their student debt issues with Senator Ron Wyden and University of Oregon interim president Robert Berdahl Wednesday afternoon.

Instead of giving a long speech to the dozens of students and UO officials that came to hear him speak, Wyden opened up the floor for discussion.

Congress will soon vote on whether or not to keep the cap on interest rates for student loans.

Others don’t have that option and worry about extending their debt.At the discussion, students shared plans on how to pay off debt, like moving home.

Wyden says students are faced with a unique dilemma between slim job opportunities and loads of student debt.

“When I was coming up, education was a big investment, but it wasn’t like it is today. I mean today, your college education for all you young people is the second biggest investment that you’re going to make in your entire life,” Wyden said.

The senator heard concerns about expanding the public interest repayment program and putting financial education in place as early elementary school to prep students on how to budget and manage money.

Senator Wyden says he is hopeful that the Senate will keep interest rates low for student tuitions. Congress is set to make a final vote on the cap at the end of June.

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