Sentencing to Begin in Gillette Trial

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EUGENE, Ore. — Sentencing in the Johan Gillette double murder trial begins next week, after the jury found him guilty on two counts of aggravated murder.

According to Oregon law, in every aggravated murder trial, the death penalty is an option and the jury could choose that as Johan Gillette’s sentence.

But he could also receive a life sentence or 30 years to life.

Aggravated murder trials are the only cases where the jury decides sentencing.

They must consider the sentence for each separate count.

Then the judge ultimately decides whether they run back to back as different sentences or together as one full sentence.

The jury found Gillette guilty on two counts of aggravated murder for the deaths of his father James Gillette and father’s partner former UO School of Music Dean Anne McLucas.

He was found not guilty on the third count of aggravated murder, but guilty of a lesser charger – intentional murder.

That’s because the jury didn’t agree he killed mclucas to cover up the death of his father.

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