September Storm Does Little Damage

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EUGENE, Ore. — From lightning strikes on the ground to high water pooling up on our roads, the storms are now calm and the clean-up is under way.

Northern Oregon got the brunt of the storm system, but the city of Eugene says there wasn’t much damage to report there.

In September, Oregonians aren’t necessarily prepared for the rain and wind yet, let alone hail and lightning. But the city of Eugene says the drainage system was prepared for this week’s storms.

“Overall Eugene handled this late summer storm quite well. Our storm drainage system worked the way it’s supposed to. There wasn’t much debris in the road. We’ve been keeping our streets well swept all summer,” said Eric Jones, Public Works Spokesman.

Public Works Public Affairs Manager Eric Jones says the storm Wednesday didn’t do much damage, but it does help prepare people for what’s to come.

“It is a reminder though that in a month or two from now, when there’s a lot of leaves down in the roadway, it’s much more likely that a heavy rain like that would cause some localized flooding,” Jones said.

Jones says preparation for storms starts at being more earth friendly.

“So one thing people can take away from this is do their little bit to keep the streets clean, not put debris out in the street,” Jones said.

He says piled up debris can cause flooding.

As for keeping for home safe during a storm, arborist Daren Faulhaber of James Cummings Tree Service has the answer.

“Two-year maintenance on trees. Crown cleanings, removal of any dead, hazardous branches in the tree–it’s always good to get it done in the early spring to late summer,” Faulhaber said.

Faulhaber says trees are one of the biggest points of concern during a storm.

“It’s amazing what a little bit of maintenance can do to keep these branches from falling on your house or on your car or anything like that,” Faulhaber said.

Faulhaber also mentioned leaves can get caught in your gutters, which can also be a problem during storms because they can flood. So it’s important to clean those out as well.

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