Service Dog Found Safe

EUGENE, Ore. — Following up with the story of a service dog reported stolen over the weekend.

Koda, the chocolate lab, is home safe this afternoon with his owner.

Sharen Floyd says she thought someone stole her car from the parking lot near Valley River Inn Saturday with her dog, Koda, in it.

But last night, EPD found the car in the parking lot and Koda was still in it.

Sharen Floyd says that it appears she must have forgotten her exact parking spot. She says she feels horrible, but is relieved to have Koda back home.

Floyd suffers from PTSD, and says Koda helps her cope with her problems.


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  1. jason marks says:


    waste of resources.
    next time pay more attention.
    ptsd is no excuse.

  2. David Crenshaw says:

    Feel so sorry for the poor dog, surprised that security did not noticed the car after 24 hours…My wife and I parked back in the same general area once and left our car keys on the roof (we were going for a walk) and security had our keys in at their location in the mall with in 30 min and left a nice note on the windshield for us.
    It would be much more human to give the young lady a little lee way if she has a service dog, don’t be so quick to judge.

    1. don jones says:

      “don’t be so quick to judge”

      my sentiments exactly. Next time pay attention to where you park your car rather than call the news media and say someone stole it. .
      Anyone can get a “service dog” note from ANY doctor for any reason. Having a service dog doesn’t really mean anything.

      Glad she didn’t cause her dog to die. Maybe next time she should make better plans and not be so quick to rush around.

      1. Bart says:

        Agreed! She should be cited for animal cruelty and have her driver license taken.
        Totally inexcusable.

        1. Tania Colgan says:

          well, she’s dead, so i guess you win.. right? This woman was my neighbor and friend, and you are a terrible person, i don’t care if you hide behind ‘animal rights’… shame on you. She shot herself last week…. I came here looking for a picture of her, and all i see is all this hateful crap you people posted years ago… I can’t even tell you how painful it was to see… and i want you to know how hurtful you were, even though you were being a ‘good citizen’.. i want you to know that your words have consequences. The news didn’t report the story very well and you people pass judgments as if you are commenting on the weather. she was a good person.

  3. Just Me says:

    If she filed a police report on Saturday, and the car was in the lot the whole time, why didn’t anyone find it until Wednesday?

  4. Grantu8 says:

    To you people who are being so critical….shut your mouths….or rather stop typing!!! You have no idea what this woman has been through, and….FYI….a “service dog” is not something one gets, just because they want one!!!

    I can not believe how rude you are to this lady….do you have no empathy in your hollow bodies at all???

    1. Kevin says:

      She should not have a car or a dog….. You don’t leave your beloved animal in a car while you gather garbage…period ….. Thank god she did not do it to a human child.. Or she would be in jail… Getting the whole community upset because she does not care to remember were she parked her car.. Is just not right.. Please sell your car to protect your dog from you!!!!!

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