Seven Arrested at Post Office Protest

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Seven people have been arrested after a rally Monday to save the U.S. Postal Service Distribution Center in Springfield from closing.

The protesters included retired or current postal service workers, along with different local union reps. They marched from the front door of the post office over to this loading dock where they were arrested.

Some just wanted their voices to be heard and save their jobs and hopefully save the distribution plant in Springfield from being closed.

“Quite honestly, if they shut this down, I won’t be working for the postal service anymore, unless they can find something within a 50-mile radius, but that’s not very likely,” said Braden Pelky, Vice President of the American Postal Workers Union.

“We’re going to be demanding a meeting with the acting manager of the plant and demand that he keep the plant open, and we won’t be leaving until he agrees to that,” said Jamie Partridge, Rally Organizer.

Pelky says losing this facility will effect his family twice as hard as most.

“My wife works here also, and we have a house in the area. Like everybody else in the housing market, I couldn’t sell and just get rid of to move to Portland and uproot my whole family,” Pelky said.

And while there is speculation about job cuts and a facility closure, a U.S. Postal Service spokesperson issued a statement saying, “No jobs will be lost if any consolidations occur and retail services would not be impacted.”

Despite that, and with determination, some stood strong in sending a message. Seven will pay the consequences after being arrested. Pelky, who did not participate in the rally on the loading dock and is still employed by the postal service, says he appreciates the support from everyone.

“We’re not just trying to sticking our hands out. We really want to save our jobs in the community, and this is the kind of job you would want to have yourself, your family or your friends. We need to fight to keep it,” Pelky said.

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