Several Fireworks Citations Issued

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EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police and Eugene-Springfield Fire stayed busy during Fourth of July celebrations Friday night, responding to numerous calls involving illegal fireworks.

Officials from both police and the fire department say not only did they responded to numerous calls Friday night, but police handed out several citations for possession of illegal fireworks.

Police say 165 calls were made about illegal fireworks and they responded to 68; Nine of those 68 received citations, along with numerous other enforcement actions.

Eugene police says although they stayed busy this year. Luckily, there were no injuries or serious fires and the number of complaints are down significantly from last year’s Fourth of July.

“We normally have about 185 calls for service. Last year we had 247. This year we had 165, so we’re significantly lower than last year but yet just under average for the last six years,” said Sergeant Ron Tinseth with Eugene police.

Police say they think the illegal fireworks turn in held last Saturday helped bring those numbers down.

Eugene-Springfield Fire and they say they also received a significant number of calls Friday night but there were no major structure fires, just a couple brush and spot fires.

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