Severe Child Obesity Tripled Since 1999

Obesity(CNN) — It appears the childhood obesity problem is ballooning upward.

A new study from JAMA Pediatrics says the percentage of overweight and obese children in the U.S. has been rising over the past 15 years.

Severe childhood obesity rates have nearly tripled since 1999, according to the researchers.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says obesity at an early age can lead to significant health concerns in later life.

Those problems include high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes.

The findings are based on roughly 27,000 children between 2 and 19 years old.

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  1. Tim Corcoran says:

    Possibly children listen to the ‘news’ and see what kind of world they are being left by their parents! It just might be that the knowledge that their parents, and their “I want it know!” attitude, have left them nothing!
    The next generation has been left with a plate full of garbage! The planet, the religious tyranny and the overall awareness that there is little hope for them is traumatic.
    My advice to these children? Be like you parents, do whatever makes YOU feel good and, like them – pay no attention to the future! Worked for Mom & Dad didn’t it? Your life as a free American is all but gone and in your lifetime freedom will become a dream.
    I hope that they realize that the “anti-christ” is in fact religion. They see, now, the venom being spewed, in the name of some mythical deity who is supposed to be ‘all knowing’. They then have to ask: “Is this the type of ‘father’ I want?”
    They, already, realize there is little hope for them. Life’s basics; food and water will become so scarce that worldwide civilization will crumble!
    I hope that these ‘children’, facing the ultimate ABUSE, by their parents, will turn away from the way their parents and the way they acted. If they do there is a slim probability that they will have a life to live.
    If this can not be done — get fat and water and hang on ’til your inevitable end

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