Severe Wx Awareness Week: Wildland Fires

EUGENE, Ore. – The National Weather Service’s Severe Weather Awareness week continues Thursday with a focus on wildland fires.

The threat of wildfires in Oregon rises significantly in the middle of June, peaks in early July and remains high through early September.

Most wildfires are ignited by lightning. Dry thunderstorms can produce lightning and gusty winds, which can spark a fire and spread it quickly.

NWS issues Fire Weather Watches and/or Red Flag Warnings to prepare managers and firefighters for a high fire danger because of dry vegetation and critical weather conditions.

NWS offers some tips to prepare for times when a high fire exists, including:

1. Always have an escape route. Avoid being in areas where you might become trapped by a wildfire.
2. Avoid the use of matches or anything else which could ignite a fire.
3. Make sure hot parts of motorized equipment, such as mufflers, do not touch dry grasses or other potentially flammable material.
4. If trapped or cut-off by a fire, seek shelter in areas with little or no fuel such as rock slide areas or lakes.

You can find more information on wildfire safety and fire weather here.

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