Sewage Main Break Floods Street

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. — A sewage main break Thursday morning in Junction City flooded the street and forced people to find different ways to get to work and school.

Crews say that the main break is so deep they’ll be working on it for much of the day.

Around 7 a.m., public works was called out to the sewage main break at the corner of 13th and rose street.

After nearly four hours of draining the pipe with no success they brought in a more powerful pump.

It has the power to pump out water at 3,000 gallons a minute.

Public works crews say this isn’t the first time this main broke.

“We have a very small crew here in Junction City, so we all take care of everything. So for these folks this will be the third working on the same problem area. So they’re very well experienced on it and have great hopes this won’t take long to get this fixed,” said Jason Knope, Public Works Director.

He says the main is four feet down and the main reason it keeps breaking is because it’s old. It was put in ground back in the ’60s and ’70s and only has a lifespan of about 20 to 30 years.

Estimated costs of damages are unknown at this point.

Crews say they’ll hopefully have the main break repaired by this evening and begin repaving Friday.

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