Sex Arrest in Front of Middle School

Paul Martin mugshotCORVALLIS, Ore. — Corvallis Police arrested a couple for allegedly having oral sex in front of a middle school on Thursday.

Police say 51-year-old Paul Martin and 47-year-old Mary Mazely were having oral sex at a bus shelter in front of Linus Pauling Middle School on Thursday afternoon.

Police say a concerned neighbor called them around 2:40 pm. They arrested both Martin and Mazely for public indecency. Police say Martin had a warrant out for his arrest for a parole violation in Polk County. He was taken into custody; Mazely was cited and released.

Police say students were not outside at the time of the arrest.

“There is concern that this happened in front of a school,” said Corvallis Police Sergeant Jason Harvey. “But parents in the area shouldn’t be concerned about this event. It was in no way connected to the school itself.”

Sgt. Harvey says arresting somebody for having sex in pubic is rare, and that no students reported seeing what happened.

“No students were involved in this incident,” he said. “In fact no students reported viewing the incident.”

Linus Pauling Middle School says it is concerned the arrest happened so close to school grounds, but it also confirmed that students were in class at the time. The school says some of its students take the city bus home, but it always has a staff member outside with kids when they are released from school to make sure they are safe.

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