Sex Offender Released in North Bend

NORTH BEND, Ore. – Coos County Community Correction will release a man convicted of burglary in 2011.

Jeremy Dean Klumb, 38, was arrested in 2011 and lodge at the corrections facility on a burglary charge. Klumb was previously convicted of attempted rape, assault two and kidnapping in 1993.

Klumb was convicted following crimes including pushing a female, punching her in the head, brandishing a knife, threatening to kill her, shoving cloth into her mouth and tying her hands. Police intervened before he went further.

Klumb has a prior history of committing burglaries.

He has been determined to be a Predatory Sex Offender and will reside at 2656 State St with his parents.

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  1. KJC says:

    He will likely re-offend. Take a good look at his face and I would warn ALL women to stay away from this sex offender.

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