Shaving Off “Movember”

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EUGENE, Ore. — November is over and to help welcome December, barbers at Analog Barber Shop in Eugene are bringing out the clippers and razors to shave some mustaches and say good-bye to Movember.

Like October is breast cancer awareness month, the month of November is prostate and testicular cancer awareness month.

People grow mustaches throughout the month to bring awareness to the cause as part of this international effort.

Analog Barber Shop partnered with the Willamette Valley Cancer Institution Foundation to help raise money for cancer patients.

Five dollars from each $20 shave will be donated to the cause.

Men that participated, also known as “Mo Bros”, say growing the mustaches are both fun and for a good cause.

“It’s been fun. I really tried to make the most of it so I take a lot of pictures and post them on Facebook and get a lot of attention,” said David Smid, a “Mo Bro”.

Smid says this was his first year as a “Mo Bro” and he did it because he has a friend who has prostate cancer.

Representatives from Willamette Valley Cancer Institute says their main goal was to bring awareness to the cause and get people to join their Movember team.

On its official Movember.com account, the team had 35 members.

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