Sheldon Grad Receives Special Gift

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EUGENE, Ore — A Sheldon High School senior gets the gift of a lifetime, her dad watched her graduate from half a world away.

It’s a proud moment for any parent and it only happens once on graduation day.

There’s no place a parent would rather be, watching their child cross the stage.

But for one dad seeing his daughter graduate from Sheldon, meant he wouldn’t get to sit in the Hult Center along side other dads.

But he still got a front row seat.

“It was really emotional, I mean I kind of just thought you know that it wouldn’t be possible,” said Cpt. Stephen Chizum.

Thousands of miles away a bond between a father and daughter can’t be broken.

Cpt. Chizum is serving overseas in Afghanistan and knew he had to see his daughter Marissa graduate.

So instead of being there in person he did the next best thing — he skyped in for the ceremony.

“A great gift, and I’m very proud of my daughter. I’m really excited that she’s going on to college,” said Cpt. Stephen Chizum.

“There were so many times that I wish that my dad could be there over the years. And the fact that he could be here for this part, this really big monument of my life — it’s a miracle,” said Marissa Chizum.

A special moment between the two as they live worlds apart.

Although they can’t embrace in a warm hug, technology brings them within inches of each other.

“It’s a lot better than having to not see him for a whole year,” said Marissa Chizum.

“It’s just difficult but, I’m proud of her and I’m glad we get to share this moment together,” said Cpt. Stephen Chizum.


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