Sheldon High School, Community Center Tagged

EUGENE, Ore. — A local high school and community center were hit with graffiti over the holiday weekend.

Signs around Sheldon High School and the neighboring community center were tagged–some with profanity.

Along with the graffiti on signs lining the parking lots, community center managers say they are really mourning the loss of a favorite playground toy: a large rhinoceros that sits in the children’s play area.

Managers say the security guard notified them that someone had stolen and tagged some of the property over the weekend, including city signs that were marked with profanity outside the day care.

Managers say acts like this are disappointing when the city public works and parks departments work hard to maintain the look and integrity of the signs and facilities, especially when money is spread thin right now.

“These kids play on this equipment. We’ve had this equipment a long time. We really try to be frugal with our dollars, and now it’s gone. So not only are the kids sad that the rhinoceros is gone, but we also need to figure out how to come up with some funds to replace it,” said Eugene Recreation Supervisor Kim McManus.

Staff took a group of children on a “rhino hunt” in the park and near drainage areas to possibly find their beloved toy.

Staff say they are just trying to bring a little lightheartedness to the situation.

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