ShelterCare Gets New Bike Shed

EUGENE, Ore. — An old playground is coming back to life. This time it’s as a bike shed at a local ShelterCare site.

Several groups that helped tear down the equipment under the Washington and Jefferson Street bridges earlier this month began work on the shed.

ShelterCare says there are a lot of thefts in the area, and the new bike shed will allow residents to keep their bikes locked up safely.

“It’s really great for the residents because bicycles can be their only mode of transportation to doctor’s appointments or meetings with DHS, so it’s really important for them to have this,” said Sarah Dillon, Councilor Advocate at Sheltercare.

McKenzie Construction is helping with the project. It says it will still have materials leftover from the playground. If you have any use for those materials, you can give them a call at 541-343-7143.

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