ShelterCare Launches Homeless Campaign

EUGENE, Ore. — ShelterCare launched a lofty campaign to help those who are homeless or about to lose their homes. It created the “I ShelterCare about Homeless Campaign” with the intentions of raising about $50,000 for individuals and families.

The Springfield School District says the growing number of homeless students is alarming, 20,000 statewide and nearly 500 in Springfield, a statistic that resonates with those in ShelterCare.

“The biggest thing was our children. We have two daughters. One’s 15 and one is 7, and they were doing horrible in school when we were homeless. Now that we have stable housing they’re doing so much better, they’re really thriving now,” said ShelterCare advocate James Herbert Huston.

The organization is already more than halfway to its funding goal, which would help 250 Lane County families.

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