Sheriff Turner Loses Out on Chief Job

TOM TURNERLANE COUNTY, Ore. — Lane County Sheriff Tom Turner did not get the Florence Police Chief job. Sheriff Turner says he doesn’t know whether a candidate has been selected or who is still in the running for the job.

“I was very hopeful, but it didn’t work out…I plan to continue to be the best sheriff I can be here in Lane County.  One of the things I thought was important for people to know is I wasn’t unhappy at all in my current position.  I simply am looking towards my future for the next progressive step for me and my family after a very long career here in Lane County and Eugene.  I don’t plan to seek another term as sheriff and plan to keep all of my options open,” Sheriff Turner told KEZI 9 News on Tuesday.

Sheriff Turner says he will also not seek reelection. He was appointed in January 2011 and elected in 2013 for a four-year term.

We’ll have more information on the decision as it becomes available.

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  1. Steve Scarich says:

    Turner applying for the Chief job does not show much thoughtful insight. Why would you get re-elected Sheriff and apply for another job in a few months, if you were NOT unhappy? Now, he compounds his error by saying the won’t be a candidate for re-election next time. Being a lame duck in any job weakens your authority, but as a Sheriff, it is even worse. He has just made himself a weak placeholder. He should resign now.

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