Sheriffs Speak Out About Gun Control

ROSEBURG, Ore. — Three Oregon sheriffs say they won’t offend the constitutional rights of citizens when it comes to gun control.

They’ve all written letters for Vice President Joe Biden.

In his letter, Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin, it says gun control is not the answer to preventing heinous crimes like school shootings and that he will not permit the enforcement of any unconstitutional regulations or orders by federal officers within the borders of Douglas County.

A similar letter was sent by Crook County Sheriff Jim Hensley highlighting the same defiance against the president’s gun control plan. Hensley also says, “I refuse to participate or stand idly by while my citizens are turned into criminals due to to the unconstitutional actions of misguided politicians.”

Here is a copy of the Sheriff Hanlin’s letter:


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  1. Eric Stiles says:

    The Sheriffs are as much a part of the problem as the shooters. How would any of those sheriffs feel if someone very close to them was murdered with an assault weapon. There is only one purpose for assault weapons. That is to kill as many people is as short a time as possible. I personally would like to see ALL assault weapons taken away from all civilians. I support the peoples constitutional right to own and bare arms but that does not include any automatic weapon built for mass killing. If any hunter was honest he would have to admit that those weapons would not be good to use for hunting because they tear the target’s inside apart which would leave little meat. Shame on everyone who supports the idea of civilians having the right to posses those weapons and that includes the Sheriffs.

    1. jason marks says:

      your problem is you don’t care about your second amendment rights. I have cared for them and exercised them for my entire adult life and all my teenage years. And I have never killed anyone, nor do I intend to.

      If you don’t want your rights, that is your deal. I do and appreciate the lives lost of our founding fathers to form this great nation and their sacrifice.

      You should move back to North Korea or China and enjoy all the freedoms they have there.

      Assault rifle is just a term. Any gun can assault if the person using intends to assault.

      Cars are assault vehicles, ban them. My daughter was just hit today as a pedestrian in Beaverton by a car, what if I want all cars banned now?

      Ban alcohol. more people are killed everyday from stupid drunks. Don’t you care about that you panty waisted anti american?

      My grandfather was murdered by an ex-convict. I’d say, in relative terms to your argument that I at least have a leg to stand on rather than your anti american constitutional sentiment.

      Go live in another country if you don’t like it.

      1. Tom Carpenter says:

        Your problem is you only listen to the broken record of the NRA, that is 80% paid for by the gun manufacturers, who have twisted the original meaning of the 2nd amendment. We’re all for constitutional rights, and most people would not want to see a repeal of the 2nd amendment. But it is always up to the current citizenry and our elected government to interpret and clarify – and amend if necessary – the meaning of the constitution. A VAST majority of the population in this country wants an interpretation and clarification of the 2nd amendment that clearly bans assault weapons, large clips, etc., and to also broaden and strengthen the laws regarding who may buy any weapon at all. Your so-called ‘2nd amendment rights’ do not trump the rights of everyone else to live in a safer community!

        1. jason marks says:

          You sound like Joseph Stalin.

        2. jason marks says:

          “If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.”

          Joseph Stalin

          the greatest mass murderer of all times.
          A fool like Eric and Tom are born everyday.
          Freely trampling the Constitution with their “constitutional rights”

          One thing Stalin was right about, and its why we have the freedom we have today is:

          “You cannot make a revolution with silk gloves. ” Joseph Stalin

        3. Fix America says:

          The NRA was created by freed African slaves to exercise their rights to keep and bear arms and to not be prohibited from doing so by any law that violated the government’s reach. It seems to me that gun-grabbers know nothing of history or choose to ignore it.

          And unarmed public historically have been murdered by the very governments who were going to protect them. People give all of these emotional arguments and use the same rhetoric about assault weapons. Keeping and bearing arms wasn’t about a handgun and a rifle. It was about having equal arms as that of the troops of the King of Great Britain.

          Now you will rebut and say we no longer are under a monarchy, and we don’t have that issue to deal with anymore. But you are wrong! And unless you awaken you will be dead wrong.

          Have you noticed the militarization of law enforcement lately? MRAP vehicles use in wars are now part of police departments in cities across the nation. 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition purchased by DHS. The purpose of this ammo is to kill. It is also outlawed by treaties of the Geneva Conventions. It is sold in the US and is used for personal defense.

          In a land that is to remain free, the people need to be (well-) armed to provide not only for their personal defense and that of their family, put also of their community and their state. And that is what the first part of the Second Amendment is all about.

          The militias are how the People defend themselves. The elected sheriffs are the only law enforcement agencies required when you have a well-regulated militia of the people. In some states it was required for all able-bodied men 16-60 to train and be part of their local militia. Congress is duty bound to provide for those militias and have not abided by that constitutional duty for many years. Instead installing a national guard which is also a violation of the constitution as no standing armies in times of peace are permitted.

          It’s too bad that Americans today are so ignorant of their own nation and how it has been changed from what is was and is meant to be.

    2. Gary Weis says:

      Thank You Sheriffs Mueller, Palmer and Hanlin.

      You have clearly stated the real issue. That Constitution grants the power to government and has set limits on that power. There are those who because of emotion or ignorance would set this document aside, while failing to realize that their methods would also set aside those freedoms that they value. Abraham Lincoln recognized this in writing the 13th Amendment, and followed the Constitutional method for amending the Constitution.

      To paraphrase a quote; Those who would give up liberty for safety will soon have neither.

  2. P. Johnson says:

    It is a terrible shame that these “sherrifs” do not want to be part of the solution. Shame on you boys! Prohibiting the manufacture or import of such weapons may be the more acceptable solution for the immediate situation. The tragedy in Aurora was carried out with recently legally obtained weapons. Making it illegal to manufacture or import assault rifles would be a place to start. Guns are already controlled in this country. Biden and others are simply trying to find a something to stem the gun violence epidemic. It is “sherrifs” like these that instigate detrimental rhetoric. Keep your pens to yourselves boys, isn’t part of your mission “do no harm” Sheesh!

    1. Dan Hibbs says:

      These Sheriffs are only proposing to uphold the constitution, as they swore to do, while others who made the same commitment and are now reneging on that pledge.

      VP Biden recently said “It is true that the vast majority of gun deaths in America are not the consequence of the use of an ‘assault weapon’. But that begs the question of whether assault weapons have any real utility either in terms of any sporting or self protection needs.”

      Can you make sense of this statement? “Assault Weapons” aren’t the cause of the majority of gun deaths, so do they even have a purpose? That is what our VP is asking. Apparently, if you’re not using a sporting rifle to commit murder, Joe Biden can’t see what purpose it could possibly have.

      I understand your concern, but the proposed legislation will have no benefit to anyone, and completely tramples on the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.

  3. Colin says:

    They are part of the solution, I comemd them for their stance to protect all Americans Rights.. they care about the constitution. It is funny, they cannot enforce the illegal alien laws. They are responsible for allot of crime, mostly drugs & in certian areas murder. So the feds can pick & choose which laws apply & which ones do not. So why cannot eh Sherrifs These weapons are not designed to kill people. They are like all firearms. They are designed to fire a bullet at a target, plain & simple. If they get these guns which ones are next. The one thing that I took out of what I heard on the news today. Is restrictions on all firearms developed for military purposes. Remember the assault weapon of WW 1, was the 1903 Springfield. the British Lee Enfield & the German 98 Mauser bolt action rifle, which became adopted into civllian use for hunting & target shooting. Of course in the American Revolution in was a muzzle loading musket. Remember American have given their all to obtian & keep these rights we Enjoy. What is next freedom of speech.

  4. Dennis Hand says:

    This assault on the 2nd Amendment is not about hunting, preventing crime or saving children. It’s about disarming the American People and ending personal freedom and liberty in this country and on this planet. Thank you and GOD Bless you Sherriff Hanlin, and all The other Sherriffs and defenders of the Constitution and inalienable rights of We The People!

  5. R. Marks says:

    First and foremost I would like to thank our sheriffs for stepping up and giving us a voice.There seems to be a country devided. Those who have commen sense and those that do not. It simply boiles down to being to many people with to many bad ideas. Our 2nd ammdt. right is not about hunting. It is our right to defend ourselves…. And from who or what doesnt really matter. If your one who doesnt want anything to do with guns you should probably keep your opinion to your self . Nobody needs to feel like their freedom may be taken away from them.People need to understand if one thing is taken away from us. just one thing then very soon it will leed to more until you relize its just to late. We who beleive in our right to bear arms need to stand together. And those of you that dont will thank god we did.You can leed a horse to water, but you cant make him drink…

  6. Jefferson Speeks says:

    What movie do these cowboy sherrifs think they’re in? They should check their job description before they stick there boots in anymore cow doo. The legislature makes laws – not sherrifs.. The courts decide what is legal and constitutional – not sherrifs. The sherrif’s job is to enforce those laws. If he wants to do otherwise, he should resign and run for some other office – or shut up.

    1. dhand@rosenet.net says:

      What part of inalienable rights and shall not be infringed don’t you liberal loud mouths get?

  7. WL. Horn says:

    Thank you Sheriff Hanlin. If we give up our rights to bear arms, we might as well give up our country. Thank you for protecting us.

  8. William Dinwiddie says:

    1 there is no epidemic of gun violence perpetrated by people with so called assault rifles. according to fbi stats assault rifles account for less than 1% of all murders. more people are killed with hammers then assault rifles again your point is moot. Gun control only affects law abiding citizens not criminals. these sheriffs are not cowboys they are lawfully elected law enforcement officials elected by the citizens of their county and they have said they will not enforce unconstitutional laws or executive mandate at the federal level.martin luther king said all citizens have an obligation to disobey unjust laws(remember in the south blacks had to ride in the back of the bus drink at different water fountains and use separate facilities from the whites) that was why rosa parks did not give up her seat to the white man in Selma Alabama.and jim crow laws were the law in the south. and by civil non violent means these laws were changed. and this is an example of how the federal government was forced to act against unjust state laws. well the states hav e the obligation to protect its citizens from federal in justice or as in the south during th 50s and 60s the government becomes a tyranny.

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