Shooting Victim Found in Woman’s Yard

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Springfield woman called 9-1-1- early Saturday, saying a strange man was bleeding in her back yard. That call and a trail of blood led Springfield Police to a 26-year-old man who had been shot in the leg. Officers say they still don’t have information as to who shot the man. Though he was found near 11th Place and R Street in Springfield, around 1:30 am. The incident has nearby families who live just a couple houses down a bit shaken up.

“Every once in a while you hear a noise in the neighborhood and you wonder, hm, was that a gunshot? Or was that just some crazy firework I hadn’t heard before?” said Schell Smith, a neighbor who lives near where the man was found.

It’s that wondering that residents in this area say usually just lingers, and keeps them guessing. But this time Springfield police say a loud bang that startled neighbors Saturday morning was definitely a gunshot.

“To hear somebody was actually shot a couple doors down, is pretty scary,” said Smith.

Her partner, John Roderick, agrees.

“I go jogging sometimes and sometimes I take the kids and it just really reduces my sense of safety and how safe are my kids gonna be,” he said.

Several nearby neighbors say they heard multiple shots fired.

“I’m not surprised that something like this could happen, on the other hand, sometimes you just think of them as stories and that it won’t ever happen to your place,” added Roderick.

Springfield Police haven’t said exactly where the incident took place, but neighbors say the shots were fired at Pengra Court, a low income housing project.

“Not knowing whether it was random or the guy did something, if he provoked it, if it was a fight, if it was drug related, that kinda makes a difference too. Cause you know, are there a lot of drugs in the neighborhood?” said Smith.

Neighbors who did not want to go on camera say the answer is yes. Some say the area is no stranger to drug use and believe drugs were involved in this specific incident. A few people say it was a domestic dispute. But neighbors just hope discerning between a loud noise and a gunshot doesn’t become the norm on the block.

“Would much rather it be a freak occurence then a look of what’s to come,” said Smith.

Springfield Police could not confirm information that neighbors gave us and have not identified the victim or a suspect. Investigators are still looking into what happened. If you have any information, call the Springfield Police Department.

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