Shooting Victim’s Family Speaks Out

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EUGENE, Ore. — A judge sentenced the man convicted of shooting and killing six people and wounding 13 others, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords at an Arizona grocery store.

He will spend the rest of his life in prison.

A Eugene woman has a very close connection to the Tucson shooting. Her stepfather was one of the people who died. Her mother was also shot three times, but she survived.

Karlyn Robinson says it’s been a rough road for her family, but Thursday, she along with her family attended the sentencing of Jared Loughner, man found guilty of the shoot. She talked to us by phone and told us what it was like in that Tucson courtroom.

“When we got the call in Eugene that (my stepfather) had been murdered, we didn’t know where my mother was for four hours. It was pretty horrific,” Robinson said.

Robinson will never forget January 8, 2011. Her mother Mavy Stoddard was shot three times by Loughner. Her stepfather Dorwan Stoddard was also shot and died while shielding his wife.

“He was a wonderful father to us girls,” Robinson said.

On Thursday, her family faced Loughner, the man behind the shooting rampage.

“He sat very stoic throughout the whole impact statements. It was almost eerie,” Robinson said.

Robinson says her mother along with all of the victims agreed on his sentencing.

“They wanted him to stay on medication and they did not want the death penalty, and all of the victim impact statements stated that they it is one of his recommendations that when he is medicated so that when he lives his life he has to remember what he has done,” Robinson said.

Robinson’s family and other victims have made a push for stricter gun control laws through a campgain called DemandAPlan.org.

“I am not advocating against legal guns, just, we have to stop this craziness that’s happening,” Robinson said.

Robinson will head back to Eugene carrying a little less pain.

“It is some closure. We know he is put away and he can’t get out and hurt others, and the justice systme worked, we believe, this time,” Robinson said.

Robinson says they’re taking this time to be together as a family and will even have an early Thanksgiving together before she flys back to Eugene next week.

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