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EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene’s plastic bag ban has been in effect for two weeks now, but some people forget plastic is still kosher in Springfield.

The first two weeks of the plastic bag ban has provided a learning experience for shoppers in Eugene, but many people are saying they’re avoiding the ban altogether and coming to Springfield where they can still get their plastic.

“They think they’re doing their due diligence and making sure that they don’t get charged,” said Jake Hoffman, Springfield Grocery Outlet Manager.

Customers, of course, can still use reusables, but they don’t have to.

“I like the idea of having a bag you can use over and over again, but I don’t like having it forced on me,” said Target customer Fay D’Ambrosia.

“My friends who are as equally as upset about this have all said, ‘Yeah, let’s just go to Springfield,'” said Target customer Gayle Atteberry.

“A lot of people when I was shopping in Eugene the day before yesterday told me they wish they still had the plastic bags,” said a Grocery Outlet customer.

Managers at the Target on Gateway Street and the Springfield Grocery Outlet say they hear a lot about the ban.

“We haven’t necessarily seen a big boost in business by any means, but you do have customers telling you that it’s annoying to them.,” Hoffman said.

There are still plenty of people who embrace the ban, and even use their reusables when they don’t have to.

But others miss plastic and like the bags for their garbage cans at home or for picking up after the dog–and those are the customers who say they might find themselves shopping in Springfield more often.

“Now it’s not obviously worth it for one item, or now and then just to run over to pick up a thing or two, but if you have any big purchases or you’re just a little bit closer, it’s easier just to come over here,” Atteberry said.

Shoppers can still use their re-usable bags in Springfield and get that five-cent discount if they do, but people say they’re just happy to have plastic if that’s what they like.


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  1. DickG says:

    Just another reason for businesses NOT to locate in Eugene.

  2. ahshucks says:

    The only people that get interviewed in Eugene on the plastic bag issue are the hippies. The rest of us want plastic bags back. Just another issue we weren’t aloud to vote on. I voted no on lane counties fee and 4J levy because of the plastic bag issue.

  3. RB says:

    Way to go Eugene city council: drive even more business out of Eugene. Will the last person to leave please turn out the lights.

  4. jasonmarks says:

    oh brother

    driving to another city over 5 cents.


  5. TJ says:

    NO,Jasonmarks,you’re the one that is pathetic.Go ahead & let them steal more money from you,not us.We work hard for our money & we’re not handing it over to shop their stores,where they decide how we bag up our stuff.It’s a principal,but you obviously,you don’t get it.So you go ahead & pay them,we’ll give our business to Springfield & we’ll bag our things in plastic.

  6. Pam says:

    have been using my own bags for a long time, get the money for using them too. I grew up in England where we always took our own bags and they went back to it a long time ago. Lets use some common sense and save a lot of land fill that does not break down. Buy a few reusable ones and take them. WInco has them on sale for 60 something cents. One time charge and they last for ages.

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