Shoppers Get Deals Without Camping Out

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EUGENE, Ore. — Whether going to the store with a game plan or just looking for some low prices, shoppers said they found everything they needed at stores on Black Friday.

“Just looking for business shirts, just some basic things, a few presents for family,” said Mark Coombe, a shopper at Valley River Center.

Over at Best Buy, it was the same story. “We were both looking for a TV and found this one. We went to a couple different stores to compare prices and see the different brands,” said Louie Vidmar, who was shopping in Springfield Friday.

There was a steady flow of foot traffic at Valley River Center during the Black Friday afternoon even though the mall opened on Thanksgiving night, but shoppers said they were surprised by how few people were out shopping.

“Not as busy as I was expecting, though but it is later in the day so I think most people were shopping all night,” said Victoria Clark, a Valley River Center shopper.

Shoppers said they were able to easily find a good price without having to lose any sleep. “It depends what you’re looking for and how cheap you are I guess. A lot of door busters sell out, they only have a few per store so I didn’t have anything in mind when I came here just looking for a TV and decided to get one,” said Vidmar.

Valley River center said it was busiest when it opened at 8 p.m. Thursday until around 2 a.m. Friday morning.

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