Showers Tomorrow, Staying Soggy

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Justin’s Thursday Night Forecast Discussion: 

Scattered showers overnight from time to time with lows not falling much below the mid 40s. Friday will see a brief break from some of the heavier showers during the day. There’ll still be some showers moving through but the next big wave will hold off until late Friday night. Highs tomorrow, with the aid of a few sun breaks and southerly winds, should get into the mid 50s.

After that, we’ll get hit with a wave just about every 24 hours or so, so expect to see soggy conditions through the weekend. The next wave that looks the strongest will be Saturday late night into Sunday. That storm may also bring back the high winds at the coast and inland early Sunday.

Next week starts with a dry day on Monday but plenty of rain is headed back for Tuesday and Wednesday. We may not see the next break until Thursday of next week. As for flooding, the Coquille river near Coquille is forecast to go above flood stage by late Friday night and produce some minor flooding of the surrounding area. For more information on the river gauge and the forecasts (which will adjust each day), click here: NWS River Forecast 

Have a great Friday!

Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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