Simpsons Come To Springfield

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore.– The city of Springfield will unveil¬†the official Simpsons mural Monday. It’s installed on the west side of the Emerald Arts Center.

Artist Julius Preite is the mastermind behind the original artwork. He worked closely with city officials and creator Matt Groening to make sure the mural resembles Springfield… Springfield, Oregon that is.

“[Groening] has such a tie to Oregon that he really got involved. He wanted me to research shrubs that are indigenous to Oregon. I know the Three Sisters, the mountain ranges are in there. Matt was insistent that I sneak a beaver, so he’s going to be peeking around a tree at you,” said Preite.

While the mural’s location will be loud and clear, the mystery of the show’s location has been a long running joke, with so many US cities sharing the Springfield name. But there are¬†clues all around us like Max’s Tavern’s close resemblance to Moe’s Tavern. And is the Pioneer statue on the UO campus Jebediah Springfield? How about the wood products mill some say resembles the nuclear power plant? Were the Simpsons in fact Oregonians?

“You’d have to pry it out of my dead hands,” laughs Preite.

Doh! Tight lipped, but no other Springfield can claim to be home to the official Simpsons mural than Oregon.

“You guys have such a tight knit community, family friendly. Seems like such a great community, seemed like a really good fit,” said Preite.

Preite and special guest, Yeardley Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson, attended the block party dedication.


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  1. Joy Logan says:

    That has to be the most stupid picture i have ever seen. I dont watch the show it has the most stupid family values. Why didnt they do a natue picture.i would be totally embrassed to have that represent my town.

  2. Regina says:

    The writer of this makes it sounds as if theres still a mystery. What is the point of that? Heres the link from The Oregonian which clearly puts an end to this “mystery” which has rested since 2006,so no rehashing necessary. I somewhat agree with Joy Logan too.

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