Simulation Tests Local Trauma Response

EUGENE, Ore. — Local trauma response teams got some hands-on training in the form of a simulated car crash Tuesday morning.

EMS workers responded to the simulated accident, which consisted of actors and mechanical dummies to represent injured victims. Sacred Heart’s staff also got a piece of the action when those pretend victims were transported to RiverBend.

Responders say drills like these are important for keeping them on their toes in case of a real accident.

“We are a Level II trauma center, but we really want to be prepared when a child comes in injured like this that we make sure everything works, so it’s really a stress test on our hospital to make sure that we can take really great exceptional care of these types of patients when they come in,” said Dr. Stephanie Jackson, Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend.

PeaceHealth hosted the drill, which started in the morning and continued throughout the day.

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