Skate Park Plans Move Forward

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EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene is one step closer to getting a new state-of-the-art skate park.

The city council Wednesday listened to fundraising plans and applauded the efforts thus far.

If all goes well with funding, the city could see a skate park built by next fall in Washington-Jefferson Park.

It’s now estimated to cost upwards of $900,000. Councilors heard Wednesday that more park system development charge funds came in than expected and about $252,000 will likely come from private groups. That includes Skaters for Eugene Skate Parks, the Rotary and the Eugene Park Foundation.

This will be a unique project in that it’s expected to draw skaters not only from Oregon, but all over the West and it could put us on the map in the skating world.

“There may be revenue opportunities here that we don’t have with other park facilities and that’s kind of why we are looking at building a different model for how we would fund the maintenance and operation,” said Neil Bjorklund, Eugene Parks Planning Manager.

Organizers will have to come before the council to allocate some of the funding likely by the end of the year. To meet that fall opening date, construction would need to start in the summer.


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  1. Art Angel says:

    Is this really the best use of money right now?

  2. Jerry says:

    Has everyone totally lost there minds. Let,s take one of if not the highest crime and drug abuse area in the county and build something to attract youth of all to come to with no supervision and let’s have it open 24 7. If you are in favor do me a favor and head down there by yourself after dark and simply walk around the area for one hour. Then let’s see how you feel about sending our youth down there. We could save alot on money and simply hand out needles and razor blades to play with.

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