Skatepark Construction Nearly Complete

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EUGENE, Ore. — The concrete work at the new Washington Jefferson Skate Park is complete, now crews are just working to install benches and perfect the landscaping around the park. ┬áSkaters for Eugene Skateparks is an organization that has worked for years to get this skatepark constructed at Washington Jefferson Park.

Supporters said they can’t believe the park is just a few weeks from opening. There’s not a set opening date yet, but mid-April is when they expect the fences to come down.

The concrete just has to dry before it can open up. “It’s exciting. It’s very rewarding for the work that so many people have put in. It’s exciting the results that all of the hard work has brought and then it’s exciting to see what’s yet to come,” said Janet Brown, Skaters for Eugene Skateparks board member.

Once the park opens up, it’ll be the largest covered, lit skatepark in the country.

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