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NEAR WILLAMETTE PASS, Ore. — Skiers are dusting off their skis and hitting the slopes after an unseasonably dry winter delayed the start of ski season at Willamette Pass.

Skiers said they had to wait quite a while to hit the slopes this year, but it was definitely worth the wait after hitting the slopes Saturday.

Whether testing their skills on the beginner’s hill or heading straight for the more difficult slopes, skiers were all smiles during opening weekend at the ski resort. “It’s awesome. The groomers are perfect. There’s a little bit of obstacles to maneuver around. It’s beautiful up here. It’s great snow,” said skier Riley Shannon.

While some skiers just happened to show up for opening weekend, others were anxiously waiting for the lifts to start running. “It just worked out. We have a cabin over at Crescent Lake, so we’re hanging out there snowmobiling, and then it’s just so close and so nice up here,” said Shannon.

“We waited two months for this day, and so we saw it was open and we came up the first chance we could. He’s been asking every weekend when we’re going to go up skiing and we finally got to go,” said skier Dan Hosang.

While many were excited to finally strap on the skis or snowboard, they said the conditions weren’t as powdery as they like. “You can tell it’s early season conditions, but it’s just good to be back here,” said skier Andy Ewing.

“I’m an amateur and the snow isn’t quite as forgiving as I’d like it to be, but it’s still a lot of fun,” said skier Ben Ewing.

But even so, many say any snow is better than no snow at all, so they’ll be back. “It’s all about skiing and snowboarding. Skiing is skiing regardless,” said skier Kevin Wilbur.

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  1. gabby says:

    we are going to hit the slops tomorrow it looks fun

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