Skinny Dippers Set to Break World Record

MARCOLA, Ore. — They’ve done it before—twice—but can a group of local skinny dippers help set a new world record for the most nudists in one place?

We’ll find out Saturday, and you’re invited to join them.

The Willamettans will gather at the Family Nudist Resort, located in Marcola. The group was part of a nationwide event that first set the world record for skinny dipping in 2009, with more than 14,000 people participating across the country. They then broke their own record in 2010. Now they hope to break it again.

“The skinny dip will actually occur at one o’clock. You have to be nude in the pool for at least a minute for you to be counted. Then if you’re very shy you can get out and put your clothes on and enjoy the rest of the day,” said Richard Stockett of the Willamettans.

Last time, Stockett says there were 150 skinny dippers at the resort. This year he’s hoping for well over 200.

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