Sleep Experts Perform Free Screenings

sleep apnea

EUGENE, Ore. — Not getting enough Zzzz’s? A group of sleep experts at Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend might be able to help.

They’ve been running a free sleep disorders clinic this week. They say some people just have bad sleep hygiene. They drink caffeine too late at night or don’t turn off the TV before bed. Then, there are those who have sleep apnea. They aren’t breathing correctly, snore or have hidden symptoms that affect their health.

“We know that I snore and keep her up and make her life miserable at night and we also know that it’s unhealthy for both of us so time to see if we can do something about it,” said Creswell resident Leland Hilarides who attended the clinic.

“If we don’t screen them for these kinds of things, they might not know until they have a heart attack or a stroke or some major event,” said registered respiratory therapist Deb Riddell.

Tomorrow is the last day. The free screening happens from 10am until 2pm.

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