SLEEPS Activists File Federal Complaint

EUGENE, Ore. — In response to threats that homeless activists will be arrested if they don’t leave the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza, on Wednesday they filed a federal complaint against the General Services Administration (GSA).

That’s the agency that threatened to have the protesters arrested.

The complaint accuses the GSA of violating the first and fifth constitutional rights of the activists.

“The GSA appears to have some very unconstitutional permitting regulations. These regulations apply across the country, so this could case could be precedent setting across the United States,” said attorney Lauren Regan.

The complaint also asks for an injunction, allowing protesters to stay on the property.

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  1. jason marks says:

    Well I am SURE that Lauren Regan is a VERY high powered, deep pocketed, high profile attorney…. AND the governent is quaking in their boots with the thought of kowtowing to the people that can’t follow the rules and want everything handed to them while the rest of us responsible abiding citizens pay for their cra.p !

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