SLEEPS At Fairgrounds Cited, Moves


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EUGENE, Ore. — After receiving citations Friday morning members of SLEEPS who were camped outside the Lane County Fairgrounds packed up their tents.

It appears they just moved to a new location.

At the request of Lane County Eugene Police cited two people at about 6:00 a.m. Friday morning.

Officers say they cannot arrest the campers because this is just a violation.

As of about 5:00 p.m. Friday evening all had left.

KEZI 9 News spoke with one of the campers who was cited. She has a job and has been homeless for about three weeks.

“We are trying to organize and get organized and we are trying to show everybody that we can be productive as a community. We are not trashy bums that we are not garbage dirty disgusting people,” said Lori Mahaney.

A number of tents have popped up at the intersection of Chambers, River Road and Northwest Expressway.

The group confirms they were the campers at the fairgrounds.

The largest group of sleeps is still camping at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza.


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  1. Ron says:

    We dont owe you clowns a place to sleep eat or work. You are druggies, bums or 99%’ers. You wish to be part of the 1%…GET A JOB!!!! Theres many if your not lazy and dumb

  2. Jeffery Egbert says:

    Only reporting half of the story here. What were they cited for? What do they have to say about their citation? Does the county or city have a response?

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