SLEEPS Braves Cold Weather

EUGENE, Ore. — SLEEPS members are worried the Eugene City Council’s decision to set up homeless camping sites will make it tougher to survive the cold weather.

Some SLEEPS members say they aren’t too happy about the two sites that were chosen. One site is near Garfield Street and Roosevelt Boulevard. The other is near Northwest Expressway and Chambers Street.

SLEEPS member Todd Hurlburt says the people who live at the SLEEPS camps are like a family and help each other stay warm to get through the night. They’re concerned because the camps have a 15-person limit and people might not survive the cold weather if they’re separated.

“Unfortunately, I hope it doesn’t happen. But, you know, somebody is going to freeze to death. Somebody is going to do something that is not very wise to stay warm at night, and they’re going to injure themselves. And if that happens, it’s not on the city council’s plate, it’s their fault,” Hurlburt said.

City Councilor Claire Syrett says the reality is some of the members may be split up because of the 15-person limit.


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  1. Amanda says:

    Give them an inch and they want a mile.

    The city council listened, and this was the decision they came up with. If you don’t like it–too bad!
    As long as you can make these rest stops work then maybe they’ll arrange for more of them. But it’s honestly getting really irritating hearing these SLEEPS people demand free land to sleep on and when they’re given just that they still complain.

  2. Lynne McKinney says:

    Your report today on the homeless camping program mentioned the the Eugene Mission “welcomes everyone”. Unfortunately this is not true. The Mission does not welcome people with disabilities. Individuals with mental health issues are often turned away as are people with physical disabilities who do not appear to be able to care for themselves without assistance of any kind. The mission is exempt from the ADA because it is a religious institution.

    In my work I see incredibly vulnerable individuals with disabilities, who are begging for a safe place to stay, nearly every day. Many of them are seniors,some even have benefits but are unable to save enough to rent an apartment. They are easy targets for abuse. Most have lost everything, not because of drugs, alcohol, or criminal activity but simply because they have a disability. The Mission denies them, Senior and DIsabled Services can’t help them and the rest of us ignore them. They have nowhere to turn except for a few small non profits like Lane Independent Living Alliance who do what little we can.

    1. Glenda Wright says:

      Get you message out, this is what the average person doesn’t know.

  3. Thumper392 says:

    It’s going to be in the high 70’s and sunny in Southern California. Beautiful weather, but they would still be whining instead of working.

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