SLEEPS Cited at Lane County Fairgrounds

EUGENE, Ore. — SLEEPS protesters are still camping at the Lane County Fairgrounds, even though police have ordered them to leave.

A handful of tents and people are still there despite Thursday night’s warning. Eugene police say the county asked them to address the camping issue going on there.

Police came out there Thursday night and warned campers they would be given citations Friday morning for prohibited camping if they did not leave. When officers showed up at 6 a.m., 10 tents were still there but only two people. Those two people got citations.

Officers say they cannot arrest the campers because this is just a violation. They are waiting to hear from their legal advisors to see if they can physically be removed.

This is one of a couple SLEEPS protesting locations. The other one is at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza at 8th and Oak. Both are county property in the city of Eugene, so there seems to be a back and forth on who is responsible for dealing with this issue.

The county will have a meeting next week to discuss an emergency closure for the plaza due to reported sanitation issues.

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