SLEEPS Cited at River Road Campsite

EUGENE, Ore. — SLEEPS protesters spent Saturday afternoon packing up and cleaning up their campsite at River Road and Chambers Street, a site they’ve been calling Whoville.

Eugene Police issued a citation for illegal camping to one SLEEPS member there. The group said it was told it had until Saturday night to vacate the property. Protesters tore down tents and gathered their belongings to get ready for the move.

Protesters say not everyone staying at the site and being asked to leave are all a part of the protest. “So when Whoville popped up and they saw it of the 30 something tents here over the last few days half of them never were at the downtown protest,” said a SLEEPS protester who calls himself Tin Man.

SLEEPS said it will be breaking up into four smaller groups and dispersing to different campsites around town.


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  1. Ahshucks says:

    Lane County and the City of Eugene this sleeps bull crap should be over and done with by now. You consul people can pass a plastic bag law and you can’t stop this camping crap. How ridiculous is that. All we have to do is set up tents in protest to bring back plastic we would win the argument.


    1. Brenda Ostrom says:

      your right!

    2. Soleil says:

      Trashy people? I was homeless for three years. Before homelessness, I had a job and an apartment, and then I was the victim of a hit-and-run. I was on the street three months later.

      Don’t insult what you don’t understand. Everyone is only one tragedy away from homelessness. Among the people I met while on the streets were mothers, people with advanced degrees, people who still had jobs despite being homeless.

      You have no idea what you speak of.

  2. don jones says:

    Get a job and contribute to society and your protest is over.

    I get up and put my pants on one leg at a time, you don’t see me demanding FREE tax payer services.

    SLEEPS is going about it ALL the wrong way. Alienate people who COULD help you out, if you needed it, is a dumb way to go. But then again, that is how you got there. Someone owes you………….

    1. Kay says:

      Many of them have jobs. Many other are disabled and don’t work. Your attitude just shows your ignorance.

  3. Onda Ferguson says:

    Let me get this straight, I have to pay to go camping in a tent, but I could camp out around town a couple of nights at no cost. Been doing this all wrong.
    If people would get jobs and quit living off of the state they could afford to have a place to sleep. We have crated a welfare society and this is what we have ended up with. Gosh I wonder what went wrong?

  4. Marc Gunther says:

    Many of these folks HAVE jobs. They are humans and not trash. Remember this next time you fall on hard times.

    1. Ahshucks says:

      I doubt I will fall on hard times, ya see I’m part of the one percent. So suck on that Marc!

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