SLEEPS Expands

EUGENE, Ore. — As promised, the SLEEPS movement expanded Monday.

The occupy movement opened two new sites, one in Skinner Butte Park and one just outside the fence at the Lane County Fairgrounds.

Demonstrators say they chose this site because of the positive response from the community and plan to start making their presence known.

“We want to go meet the neighbors and tell them why we’re here, what it’s about. When in the process of talking to somebody, there may be some who needs some help from a few of us on their property,” said Tin Man, SLEEPS Demonstrator.

Demonstrators say they have more sites chosen for expansion. They’re hoping their increased presence will force the city and county to make new laws opening up areas for the homeless.


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  1. ahshucks says:

    Sleeps the neighbors don’t want to meet you. The city and lane county officials need to get rid of the roaches or be replaced during elections. It’s your job to free the city of overnight camping in the city limits. GET IT DONE!


    1. Don't miss Sept 4th Council Meeting! says:

      Calling all mainstream citizens who don’t want the council to give in to these blackmailers and so called homeless – be at that county council meeting on Sept. 4th. I assure you 200 of these roaches will show up and get permanent camps because normal working folks are silent.

      Get involved if you don’t want a homeless crazy camp in your neighborhood!

  2. musicman60 says:

    do you want meals catered to you every day now that you have taken over our city

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