SLEEPS Moves Protest Location

EUGENE, Ore. — The offshoot of Occupy, labeled SLEEPS, is in its third home in the last two days.

The tents are all set up at the old federal courthouse in downtown Eugene. The protesters just moved there from the Lane County Courthouse.

The message remains the same; they want the city to change the camping code.

The city council will not meet again until next year, so it won’t happen anytime soon.

SLEEPS says it doesn’t have a permit or a timeline as to how long it will stay there.

“You just stand up for what you believe is right and you don’t leave. And if that means you get a citation or an arrest, if you believe you need to stand up for it, then that’s what you do,” said demonstrator Emily Semple.

Officers KEZI 9 News talked with Thursday say this could be a lengthy stay because the group has a week’s long plan. However, demonstrators would not confirm any plans.

This isn’t the last time members of Occupy stayed there. Over the summer, they had tents in front of the federal building for weeks. Overall, it was a peaceful protest, but there was one arrest when a demonstrator refused to leave after their permit had expired.

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