SLEEPS Protesters Expanding Campsites

EUGENE, Ore. — SLEEPS protesters have been evicted from three different campsites in the past week. First at the Wayne More Free Speech Plaza, the Lane County Fairgrounds and the corner of Chambers Road and River Road.

“It started out with a couple tents and blossomed. I think there were 30 tents here the other night or so,” said SLEEPS protester Bethany Clement.

It was at the campsite on the corner of Chambers Street and River Road where protester Peter Grotticelli was issued a citation for illegal camping.

“I’m supposed to appear in court about that later in the month. I’ll be taking it to the Supreme Court,” said Grotticelli.

He’s not the only one facing a citation, so are a handful of other protesters who have set up camp in one of three sites. “They can move us around, but we’re not going away and we’re not anything to fear either. You know we’re keeping it clean, and we invite you to come join us. This is a public space for all. And the more people that come and get involved, the higher evolved these things will get,” said Grotticelli.

Campers said they’ll continue setting up multiple smaller camps around town. “As we’ve said before, the one campsite here we’re breaking it into four,” said a protester who identifies himself as Tin Man.

Lane County said there are more than 1,700 homeless people in the county. In the county’s budget there’s more than $8 million set aside for services for at-risk and homeless families.

SLEEPS protesters said when you look at the people congregating in the streets, it’s obvious to see it’s still not enough. “People are looking for a place to feel safe. This isn’t a bunch of lazy homeless people that just camp out. It’s about people feeling safe, and people are coming together,” said Clement.


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  1. don jones says:

    . I’ll be taking it to the Supreme Court,” said Grotticelli.

    with what? some pop cans and marijuana?

    Tin Man doesn’t even LIVE in our community, He is just a professional transient and trouble maker and should be discounted when ever he opens his mouth. He is NO leader.

    What a joke, you totally waste tons of money, then complain that you don’t get anything for free. You wasted what you wanted for free. IGNORANT people NEVER get it

    Why would anyone want to take you seriously. It is a total joke.

    Can’t wait for the rain and freezing weather, TIn Man and his posse will move to warmer weather. Good riddance.

    1. Kay says:

      Tin Man is a veteran who lost his job at the VA after he was injured. How dare you speak so disrespectfully towards someone who served our country. Professional transient? Do you know how many veterans are on the street? Many more than the VA can house. It’s absolutely heartbreaking how we treat our veterans. Shame on you.

      1. Ahshucks says:

        Tin man is a looser from SF tell him to go back. Work at a VA place and getting injured does not make him a Veteran.

        1. Kay says:

          I have no doubt in my mind he is a veteran. I’m a veteran myself. I know a fellow soldier when I talk to one, and I’ve talked to him. There’s a special place in hell for people like you who would call a veteran a “looser”. PS: Learn to spell, LOSER.

          1. Ahshucks says:

            Kay you are not my mother so don’t tell me what to do. Go get a job and pay your own way. Don’t depend on the government for your welfare. Go live in the mountains if you need a place to live. There is a lot of food and water their.
            PS: FU

          2. jason marks says:

            Kay, when confronted with the truth, results to name calling herself, there by discrediting anything noteworthy she had to say… if there was anything.

      2. don jones says:

        umm really, and you bought that line of crap?
        he got fired from the VA because he got injured..

        that is an unbelievable story in itself. You would get sued..
        that is the problem with liars.. they can’t keep their made up story sounding reliable.

        He isn’t a veteran and he didn’t work for the VA.
        He is however an out of state professional transient / troublemaker.

        GO BACK TO LA

  2. Ahshucks says:

    Another thing about Tin Man he probably got a nice settlement from the VA for getting injuried while working for the VA. As far as I concerned he’s on his own. By the way I am a Veteran but I don’t support loosers.

    1. Kay says:

      Even if he did get a settlement, that still makes it OK that he’s homeless? If you are a veteran than you should know full well how many homeless vets are on the streets. Have you no honor?

  3. Tank Commander says:

    Easy enough to prove he is a veteran. Ask him to show you his DD214, military discharge. It tells you his time served, awards and decorations, tours of duty, and character of discharge. To collect benefits you have to have one.

    1. jason marks says:

      Thank You, after 27 years of working on campus and my daily encounters with transients…. would you like to know the number of times I have been lied to? Where should I start.

      Lets take off our rose colored glasses that we put on everytime someone uses a phrase that triggers a guilty conscience.

      Deal with your guilt, don’t put it on me.

      I don’t believe tin man and either way, it doesn’t matter. He has the capability to be responsible, to work and contribute to society. If you think the manner in which he is conducting himself contributes to a society he doesn’t even belong in, then I feel sorry for you.

      There is always someone selling crap and someone buying it. I don’t buy it. Kay did

  4. DuckyDuck says:

    It is so interesting that the homeless sleeps crowd can spend so much time badgering for FREE LAND, FREE HOUSING… They have time and have access to wifi, computers, smart phones or ipads as they post on news sites night & day. If using the library to do all this posting – the hours just got cut because of this wasteful daydreaming by tin men, angela, alley, and the others.

    So now my library is not accessible with normal hours? Does this make any tax payer say STOP WASTING OUR RESOURCES!!! Why can’t the police come to my home when it is broken into? Why are thieves released the minute they enter jail? Why don’t taxpayers who bought the land they live on deserve a safe city too? Why are the homeless sucking up $8million yet county folks can’t have more sheriffs?

    The homeless have taken the keys to Eugene – we worker bees have lost our minds!

  5. LB says:

    Please leave my neighborhood, we are keeping our neighborhood beautiful and it is quite ugly to wake up and find a bunch of illegal camping.

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