SLEEPS Protesters Set Up Downtown Camp

EUGENE, Ore. — SLEEPS protesters returned to Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza in downtown Eugene and they’re planning to expand.

The plaza is filled with more than a dozen tents as the protesters move back into the plaza. Last Thursday around a dozen protesters moved into the plaza after a judge ruled their eviction in January was unconstitutional.

The group said it now has around seventy people sleeping in Free Speech Plaza each night. It has no intentions of leaving the downtown site, but does have its eyes on some other sites throughout town.

“Expect satellite camps maybe in your neighborhood, but they will be peaceful,” said Peter Grotticelli, SLEEPS protester. ¬†Another protester said these people are in the plaza to raise awareness to the fact that many people don’t have a place to live. “The right to sleep is a fundamental human right and so I’m glad that there’s a safe place that those who are effected by that right not being respected can now be heard,” said Alley Valkyrie.

In January SLEEPS began camping in Free Speech Plaza but was evicted after less than a day on the grounds.

Across the street from Free Speech Plaza a few protesters set up tents on another piece of county property.

KEZI 9 News reached out to Lane County to see if it had a plan of action, but no one returned our calls.


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  1. Steve Mayea says:

    Once more we have non working, mostly non voting, non residents taking control of numerous PUBLIC places for their own exclusive use. They expect the city/county to supply restroom facilities, security from counter protests, no law enforcement aimed at them. And all this in addition to city/county supplied places to live, on the working taxpayers dime. They don’t want “transition to functioning in society”, they want total support FROM working society. They can go to hell before I cough up any money or support.

  2. chris says:

    turn the sprinklers on them, or make it so the plaza is non livable, I’m sick of my tax dollars going to help people that don’t even try to be a contributing part of society . the tax payers shouldn’t have to foot the bill for lazy people, and if you cant find a job here….move somewhere where jobs are available…common sense…I think that mayor of yours (she’s not my mayor) should buy em a one way bus ticket

  3. Carl Bloomfeldt says:

    Expect satellite camps in our neighborhoods soon? Outstanding, you can also expect an increase in drug use, crime, vandalism and your lawn used as a toilet. Where is the reporting on the effects of these freeloaders? They will certainly tell us that they are not the ones littering the parks downtown and using the lawns as their toilets. I suppose we are to believe it is the bankers and lawyers on the other side of the park that are doing drugs and using the park as their personal outhouse.

  4. taxpayer says:


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