SLEEPS Protests Outside Vacant Home

EUGENE, Ore. — The SLEEPS strike team protested outside of an abandoned home in Eugene Saturday.

The homeless rights activists pitched tents in front of the Kaufman House, a home they said should be a shelter to homeless children and their parents.

The City of Eugene currently owns the home that’s been vacant for nearly two years, but advocates say the city should lease out the property to a non-profit instead of letting it sit unused.

“It’s a darn shame that we have so many children on the streets with single moms or single dads living in cars or under tarps when they could be living here,” said Hedin Brugh, SLEEPS event coordinator.

Activists stood in front of the home with signs and clown outfits, to raise awareness of passersby of the anti-camping code that prohibits sleeping in a tent or sleeping bag outside.


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  1. Ron says:

    Go to Portland then!!

    1. RB says:

      Maybe Portland sent them here. They should survey all the homeless and see how many came here from elsewhere in the last year. Then give them a one-way bus ticket back to where they came from.

  2. Dan says:

    Have you seen what the homeless do to the places they “occupy”? Those places end up very trashed. The sleeps group does not have the right to demand houses be occupied by those with no interest in maintaining the property in good condition.

    What we need is to demand more logging. That provided plenty of jobs in the past, and would give lots of jobs in the future. Protest the politicians killing jobs, not empty houses.

  3. Oh Come On says:

    This kind of thing would be a lot easier sell for me if I hadn’t spent an hour this week literally cleaning a camper’s feces off my business’ front porch.

    And before someone starts talking about how capitalism is the problem…we’re a nonprofit. We have no problem with campers who clean up after themselves. But the majority of campers aren’t good neighbors, and that’s why they’re not welcome. It’s not because everyone in this city is heartless, it’s because campers literally crap on everyone else.

  4. Postone says:

    The Mayor and City Counsel of Eugene do NOT care about the homeless! If they did, they would have already fixed it! It wouldn’t be hard to allocate land for those Conestoga Huts to be built on. They could also allocate millions toward fixing the homeless problem instead of spending that money (millions) they are taking about on a retrofitted or new City hall, which is not needed! They say the old building isn’t up to quake standards.

    We are talking about children who are also sleeping outside! That is unconscionable! You’d have to be a pretty cold individual to ignore the plight of children!

    I can’t remember when there was a significant earthquake in Eugene, can you? Besides a little rubble on the heads of those who don’t give two SH*** about the homeless wouldn’t cause me to lose any sleep anyway!

    1. musicman60 says:

      any of you people who want someone to provide for these people invite them into your house not my city streets

  5. Valerie Goodness says:

    There are cultures and countries that would never allow their fellow beings to ever be homeless or go hungry.It is no wonder that the country who is the biggest bully on the planet is also the richest industrial country with the greatest number of homeless. THAT is the problem. It isn’t just capitalism per say, but this new breed of predatory capitalism where EuroAmericans give each other permission to screw others over, then look down their noses and blame their victims. It is insidious. Businesses firing their employees out of protest to Obama care, those employees and their children can’t afford their mortgage from a predatory lender and have no family or church that gives a darn so where do they go? This is Eugene, and we expect better from you! Listen, these homeless brothers and sisters aren’t hobos from the 30’s….When did it become so easy to hate others and take away their rights, and voices? Each and every one of us could be homeless for one reason or another, our daughters or sons. We can do better. We have to take our city back from the jerks who have absconded with reason, critical thinking, and humility like Liane Richardson and the county counsel the extremist nuts who have made the problem worse and tarnished our good name. I would welcome any homeless person as my neighbor, it is those heartless that posted the rude comments here that I wish would leave.

    1. musicman60 says:

      you tell me with proof what countries where there is no one homeless i have a grand that you cant

  6. musicman60 says:

    why should we pay for them

  7. musicman60 says:

    who is feeding the prosters and where are they going to bathroom

  8. AnneO says:

    Sooo…I’d like to know just how many of the SLEEPS protestors (and the homeless advocates who are posting here and thinking that the City of Eugene should change) are actually practicing what they preach?

    How many of the homeless are parked in your front yard this morning? Is there someone sleeping on your couch? In your spare bedroom?

    How about doing something to actually HELP a homeless person or family instead of expecting the city government to do it for you.

    And IMO, yes…until you’re putting your money, yard, living room couch where your mouth is, who are you to complain?

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