SLEEPS Responds to County Allegations

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EUGENE, Ore. — The organizers of the SLEEPS movement have a few questions for the man who suggested their protest shut down.

A spokesperson questioned the Health Department’s tour and recommendation that suggested the county close the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza.

“When he came on site, did he see anyone that was sick? As to my knowledge right now, we don’t have anyone who is sick or transmitting diseases,” said Angie Bartow, a SLEEPS spokesperson. “We have a wash station for our dishes. We do have all separate buckets. We have a rinse bucket, then we have a wash bucket, a sanitize bucket and then another rinse bucket. Everyone is really be responsible for washing their own dishes.”

She says there are about five garbage cans on site and they have hand sanitizer in the kitchen. They say they are trying to be as sanitary as possible.

Not all of the demonstrators in the plaza are affiliated with SLEEPS, the group that’s attempting to have the laws changed so the area homeless population can have more access to camping.


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  1. quasimodo says:

    come on they are crapping all over the place it needs shut down they are vile and dirty people and thats why no one wants them around their areas. instead of blaming the county for no free housing why dont you clean up your acts and get a job its summer time there was thousands of jobs available in the fields

    1. Ron says:


  2. Michael Adams says:

    Thank you Brian Richardson for coming to ask us for a response. We at SLEEPS definitely appreciate having our voice heard, even if it is a response to allegations that we should be shut down due to the possibility of “spreading potential bacteria and viruses to humans.” Honestly that quote from the county health official makes us sound like we are dogs, when in fact we are definitely humans, just like the rest of those around us.
    I know for a fact (because we do it every day) that Angie and I clean the plaza of anything and everything that could be viewed as trash.
    For Example:
    -Personal belongings are put back in tents to stay there for the day, unless they are supplies needed for signs.
    -The kitchen makes a mess cooking(don’t they always?) but it is cleaned up after every meal that is made.
    -I personally do the Hot Water run to local businesses so that we can properly do dishes per Health Code Regulation.
    -Trash runs are multiple times a day to their respective disposal receptacles.
    -Cleaning up high traffic areas is an all day multiple-times task.

    Angie and I are not the only ones that clean or do these things. However there are some people that stand up and make sure they get done without being asked to do it.

    So really the problem here is that the county health official is going to say whatever the person that signs his check, wants him to say. With such a big issue on the county’s hands, he don’t dare risk his job by telling the truth.

    Come down and see us and check us out for yourself! Talk to us! We are more than willing to speak with you and show you what is going on and explain what we are protesting, as well as why!

    Hope to see you soon!

    1. Ryn Wetherell says:

      Well, since you’re reading this, and I’m afraid of what I might step in downtown…

      Please explain to me how opening up public spaces to camping will avoid hobo towns taking over our public parks?

      1. musicman60 says:

        who pays for your garbage to be taken away and what businesses giveing you water see you want it all for free

    2. vicki hennis says:

      Funny you should mention signing pay checks. Who is signing the checks for this protest? It’s certainly not the supposed homeless paying for any of it. Who paid for all the tents and sleeping bags? Who paid for the garbage cans and all the supplies? Who is paying for the food and medical care? How many of these people are from Eugene? Close to zero I’m sure. You are doing nothing but straining the already limited resources. And the attention you are getting is not positive.

  3. Smith says:

    It is not the government’s job to provide homes and places to sleep for the homeless. Sure not all homeless people want to be homeless but who wouldnt want to skip out on paying taxes, paying for electric, water, garbage, rent? They need to go to places around town that will help them get on their feet. There are places and people out there willing to help they just need to want to help themselves. Not by standing on a street corner!!

  4. Eugene Baby says:

    Come Down? More like good luck, its back to work season!

    We all saw the mess from occupy. We have all seen the urinating men, and human fecal photos. This little attempt to blackmail the city and county is over.

    It’s time to sober up, clean up, and spend your days seeking work rather than “protesting”. Teenagers are going back to school, so fast food jobs just opened up. Construction has been hiring if you can pass the UA there is work. Retail will be hiring for the holidays in a few weeks – the goodwill has really nice clothing to wear to work. All seasons end, including the sleeps blackmail season.

  5. SweetPea1 says:

    It is so nice to see tents, near naked people, and animals running around the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza—NOT!!!! Is the City of Eugene/Lane County going to be stuck with another $100,000.00 clean-up bill when the “Sleeps” people are gone? This looks like something people are doing just for attention–duh– what gives you the right to expect government to give you a place to live, garbage service, bathroom facilities and running water? I have to pay for those things out of my disability and husband’s Social Security. Wake up Eugene and Lane County government, don’t be bullied and blackmailed into giving in to the “homeless” they are no more deserving than the rest of us. WAKE UP

  6. Michael Gilbert says:

    We can never do enough! This community provides more help per capita for those in need than most any other city in this country. All we end up doing is proving the point that if you feed them, they will come. The result of our charity is for the number of needy to grow from an influx from all over to just demand we do more. We have the laws we have to protect the health and welfare of all citizens, including homeless populations. If they are to be changed, or the way they are enforced is to be changed, they need to be tightened up. Don’t get me wrong (some will of course), I’m not advocating for not doing anything for those in need. Quite the contrary. What I am saying is we do enough already. We are being criticized by an incredibly inconsiderate, and ungrateful group of people. Eugene should be proud of our efforts and not listen to these ingrates. Keep giving, but don’t be afraid to tell these folks enough is enough! There are takers and there are givers in this world. The citizens of Eugene are very generous givers and as a result have ended up with more than our share of takers. STOP ALREADY!

  7. musicman60 says:

    ok so they have a kitchen to do dishes where do they dum the water and where are they getting the water to do there cooking and washing and who provides the santary wipes i hope tax payers arent

  8. Mark Brown says:

    This really makes me NOT want to go downtown to the Saturday Market and to shop at the local businesses. Many, but not all of the homeless, are by choice. I think a compromise here – help the homeless that are willing to work or volunteer – those who are unwilling – they are out of luck – they get nothing.

  9. Ron says:

    Why didnt the city take it to a higher court than the glorified “justice of peace” Muni judge

  10. Short Sighted says:

    As someone who has spent years helping my follow brethren I am heartbroken that I must stop.
    I was short sighted in feeding, clothing, and donating to homeless shelters in Eugene. I can see that these anarchists, aka sleeps, don’t care about us or our environment. Over time, our generousity to the homeless has created a cesspool of aggressive beggars and entitled brats.

    I don’t feel safe downtown because of the shear numbers of agressive young male beggers/homeless. They are like packs that frighten woman away. The Saturday Market isn’t a joyful because of them. I’m glad the farmers are moving to 5th St where e-coli won’t be touching my produce.

    I asked my city council and the mayor remember that our values in Oregon start with our environment. Any group who harms our urban or rural environment is not welcome om Eugene – we don’t need our downtown, wildlife, waters and woods destroyed by homeless tourists.

    Our city council needs to stop wasting precious resources these sleeps people – which seems to be like bait by attracting more to the area. Please start arresting every single one of the “campers”. Just maybe they will grow tired of this lifestyle choice and grow up. Or, they can always move back home with mommy.

    Going forward, we will send our donations to people in Haiti who have no choice in their homelessness.

  11. ldsjr says:

    So long Defecators!!

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