Slick Roads Lead to More Crashes

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EUGENE, Ore. — The return of fall has translated into a dangerous commute for drivers trying to get home.

Police have responded to about triple the number of auto accidents over the last few days.

At one accident Monday night, a driver lost control on I-5 and smashed into a sign. Troopers were talking to her as her car faced the highway. They say she’s okay.

Another accident was on 29th Avenue, west of Willamette Street. The hood of a car was pinned under a semi.

Officers attribute most of the crashes to the rain.

“Just slow down. Give yourself a little more time when you’re trying to make your commute, and that will keep people from getting so close and you’ll have a little more time to react to things,” said Lt. Bill Solesbee, Eugene Police Department.

Officers say the roads are still slick from our long summer stretch. The recent rains are still pulling oil and debris from the summer back to the road’s surface.

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