Slowing Warming Above Freezing

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Justin’s Thursday Forecast Discussion: 

Bone-chilling cold this morning with lows tanking to 20 degrees in Eugene. That’s the coldest we’ve seen since January of last year! Only warmed up into the upper 30s today but we should hold in the low 30s tonight. Why? We’ve got southerly winds and clouds moving in from the cold front that is bringing slight shower chances overnight tonight. Most areas should sit at or around freezing by Friday morning. Upper 30s to 40 at the coast.

Highs start to warm back into the mid 40s by Friday and Saturday. Friday stays partly sunny and most of Saturday will also be dry (albeit cloudy). Saturday night into Sunday, another weak cold front moves through bringing some light showers overnight.

The jet stream turns more zonal (meaning west to east) and little systems will ride along it Sunday through Tuesday bringing clouds and slight rain chances for us, but highs should stay well into the mid 40s and overnight lows above freezing. Late next week though, there may be another storm brewing with some much colder air and lowering snow levels with it.

Have a great Friday!

Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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  1. Frank Frenzel Senior says:

    The KEZI Icon on the corner of the screen (TV) really hides things behind it! Like when you do the Rain Fall, average, month total and so on. You can never see what the well I think total is or the amount we are ahead or behind? Its covered up so I’m not sure whats behind it. Thanks guys!


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