Small Business Outlook

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Small businesses in Springfield seem to be doing well in the current economy, even though there’s not an official database with information. The Springfield Chamber of Commerce said there are a few indicators it pays attention to.

The Chamber of Commerce said in the past two to three years, 250-300 small businesses have opened up in Springfield and the pace has accelerated.

There are only a few storefronts along Main Street still available, which is a huge improvement since 2008.

One small business, Latin Jam Studio, recently moved into a new location right off of Main Street.

Latin Jam Studio’s instructor and owner Elizabeth Conchola said the studio is more than a business; it’s a community health center; addressing nutrition, emotional issues and exercise.

“A lot of people ask me that, why are you doing this when a lot of people are closing and you’re starting, and I’m growing. People really need this program” said Conchola.

Her plan keeps it simple $36 a month, no contract, no fees. The concept is paying off Conchola said, it’s been a successful year

Springfield Chamber of Commerce added companies that do well often have a strong internet store front as well.

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