Small Business Program Gets Boost

EUGENE, Ore. — Some small businesses across Oregon will get an extra financial boost next year to increase their exports.

Oregon received nearly half a million dollars in funds from the U.S. Small Business Administration–that’s a 30-percent increase from what it received last year. Some of that money will likely show up in Eugene.

Co-Motion Cycles in Eugene, which makes handcrafted bicycles and tandem bikes, was one of about 80 Oregon companies who got the grant last year. It used the money to travel to Europe to attend an international trade fair. It’s there that managers say they were able to generate lots of interest in parts and make some great contacts.

“It was definitely a very valuable tool for us because it was something that we had been talking about for a number of years as attending the European trade shows, and this was the last little incentive we needed to do it,” said Zach Stehley, Co-Motion Cycles Product Manager.

To qualify, your company must have a certain amount of employees based in Oregon and you have to be an Oregon manufacturer, among other things.

New STEP applications for grant funds to be used through September 2013 are now available. Click here for more information.

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