Small Businesses Have Holiday Boost

EUGENE, Ore. — Year after year Kelly Webber makes it a point to shop at mom and pop stores on small business Saturday. “I do it every year. I’ve done it for the past three years now so I look for it. I’m signed onto the Facebook thing and everything,” said Webber.

This year she found some Christmas gifts for the family while out shopping at Passionflower in Eugene. “It’s gonna be quality, it’s gonna be something that no one else has and it’s a great way to support the local economy and you get rewarded by getting money back.

That reward, $10 back for shopping local on small business Saturday when Weber uses her American Express card. For businesses this is a busy weekend not just because of that promotion.

“It should be a strong weekend. It’s not like you’re at the mall where it’s a mob scene, but again people want to come out with their family. They want to explore downtown a little bit so it’s been busy,” said Jewel Murphy, Passionflower owner.

Store owners said the best part about people shopping local is the money stays local. “Of course all the money in terms of my sales and the other sales that happen here at the Holiday Market all of that money stays in this community and ripples through other businesses too,” said Tim Giraudier, a local artist.

Whether it’s small business Saturday or not, neighborhood retailers said the holidays are always their busiest time of the year. “I kind of find that the last couple weeks tend to be kind of a frenzy,” said Will Gibboney, White Raven Artworks owner.

“Typically after Thanksgiving sales really go up at that point,” said Giraudier.

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