Snow Affecting Christmas Shopping

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s that time of the year for shopping and finding the perfect gift.

“The holiday season is always fun for retailers because of the spike in business,” said Bob Coll, owner of the Eugene Running Co.

“This year’s actually been pretty good up until the snow,” said Tina Fithian, a sales clerk at Euphoria Chocolate Company at the Oakway Center.

Some stores were closed while others adjusted their store hours.

“We did have to cut down on our hours. We were only open a few hours yesterday because it did start snowing so bad,” said Fithian.

“It’s just common sense. You can’t get out and about and do your Christmas shopping, or even your regular shopping, when it’s snowing like this in Eugene,” said Coll.

Because of Friday’s snowstorm, Coll says it’s affecting the turnout of Christmas time customers.

“It’s definitely put a dip in our sales closing early yesterday and of course today, we do have some shoppers (as you saw when you came in) but it’s not our normal rambunctious Saturday,” said Coll.

Shoppers like the Brownlee family say shopping wasn’t on their minds Friday.

“Yesterday was about surviving,” said Gary Brownlee.

Saturday’s a different story. They braved the slippery roads to do some shopping.

“A great day to come down to the mall because I think the snow is keeping some people home. Not a whole lot of lines,” said Gary Brownlee.

With or without customers, employees at Euphoria Chocolate Company are still hard at work.

Across the courtyard, workers like Coll are staying on top of things because snowstorm or not, Christmas is still around the corner and people need to get gifts under the tree.

“That’s the thing about retail. You can make yourself nervous because you have to close early because of the snow storm but people still need to buy the things they need to buy. At the end of the day, it seems to work out,” said Coll.

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